Monday, February 09, 2009

Ladies who lunch

Today was lovely as I met up with Phillipa Ashley and Elizabeth Hanbury for one of our irregular writerly lunches. We spent a happy couple of hours at the vineyard eating yummy food and talking. We also did lots of laughing and I think we all came out feeling energised and ready to write again. There's something great about being with other writers that always perks you right up and makes you think about your work in a new light. Writing can be a very solitary life so making contact with kindred spirits is even more important. That's my excuse for dipping around the net chatting with friends on messenger and catching up on blogs.


Elizabeth Hanbury said...

Really enjoyed today, Nell - thanks for your company :)

I'm looking forward to seeing you and Phillipa again on 7th March at the Animal Instincts/It Should Have Been Me launch!

Phillipa said...

I found today a real inspiration. :)