Tuesday, February 03, 2009

Snow going

The snow is melting - hooray, so tomorrow the belles can return to school and I can hopefully get to work. I've been busy all weekend though, two more chapters done on Crystal Clear and one finished on A Scattering of Leaves, lots of critiquing, emails flying back and forth between my cp for Leaves as I worked with her stuff and she made comments on mine.
Phillipa Ashley and I are looking forward to our book launch at Waterstones on March 7th, there have been so many great responses we're both feeling really excited. My webman is busy revamping my website too so there'll be a few changes appearing soon - don't worry if you have trouble getting on over the next week or so it probably means we're working on stuff.
Even better this week I have a days holiday to take so I have Friday off, more writing time unless Mr Nell makes me leave my desk to go looking for a new front door.

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