Thursday, February 05, 2009

Snowed under

Well we got more snow during the night, schools are all closed again and more snow is forecast. It's melting at the moment but forecast to freeze and the sideroads are nasty - water pooled on top of compacted snow. I've decided to work from home as there was no way I could safely make it to work and home again. Luckily I've plenty of work to do that I can get on with here. (I'm typing this on my coffee break while I wait for an email) I'm so glad I'd already planned tomorrow as an annual leave day. It all looks very pretty from my office window with the fields and trees coated in white but the sky is still grey and heavy.
After last years fall on the ice I'm not risking my hip again, it's taken two years to get to the point where I've reasonable mobility and co-ordination so I'll stay indoors till the ice clears.
Okay, break over - back to work! Time and the PCT wait for no woman.

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Julie Day said...

They are forecasting more snow here in London possibly tonight and tomorrow, and maybe as much as there was on Monday. I hope not, because I couldn't get to work on Monday and didn't on Tuesday. It is still dangerous to walk on some pavements round my area and more snow will make it even worse.