Thursday, February 19, 2009

Green shoots

No, not the ones the govt keeps claiming it can see in the economy but the the ones in my garden. The Snowdrops are open, buds are forming on the Magnolia and the bulbs are poking their heads above the soil. The birds are reappearing on the bird stand and I'm hoping my Wisteria is going to be okay this year.
The new three piece suite is arriving on Saturday so we have to lug the old one out and store it until the council come to collect it on Tuesday. Very exciting - can't wait to see what it looks like in the lounge. I'm toying with hiring a carpet cleaner and cleaning the carpets while the room is empty - haven't decided on that one yet.
Then I have to wait for the carpet people to call and tell me the bedroom carpet is here. So far we've drawn a blank on the door. I know exactly what I want - I've even seen the door but the company's are either too lazy, too inept or - in the case of one firm where I saw my dream door - the salesman was aggressive, rude and stank of stale cigarette smoke, plus he was talking rubbish, for me to give them an order.
I think I'll get my furniture and carpet done first and then try again for my new door. There has to be someone out there who can keep a promise to call back and do what I ask.

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Michelle Styles said...

With magnolias, I always find I am emulating Christopher Lloyd at this time of year and keep going -- yum, yum, yum my magnolia buds. It is ggreat to see them swell.