Thursday, February 26, 2009

Train travel

Tomorrow I'm off to Lancashire for the day job. Tim and I are visiting the lovely people at the wildlife trust who visited with us a few weeks ago. We've decided to go by train as I'm not keen on the bit of motorway between Manchester and Liverpool, plus as you all know I'm not the world's greatest driver.
I've booked next week off work - I'd got to use up my annual leave before April and as Animal Instincts is due to make it's debut on Wednesday - squee! I thought I'd enjoy feeling less pressured.
Miss La is due home tomorrow from her week away so no doubt we'll be regaled with lots of stories and I'll be presented with much muddy washing.

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Julie Day said...

Hope you had a good time in Lancashire, and you didn't have too much muddy washing to come home to. My weekend is full of working out what I can now eat following my food intolerance test results (on my blog).