Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Sofa, so good

Okay, so it's a bad pun but the old suite is gone and I have a new unbroken sofa to sit on - yay! It seems to be new book mania at the moment with lots of new releases coming up. If you stop by the Samhain site check out my romance diva friend - R F Long and her book, The Scroll Thief. I've an interview on my My Space blog with her this week. Also releasing soon, I think it's the same day as Animal Instincts is my good friend Amanda Ashby's Zombie Queen of Newbury High. The link to Amanda's blog is in the sidebar - go on over she's having an amazing ten day blog party with lots of great authors stopping by.
Then of course it's Phillipa Ashley with It Should Have Been Me and if you haven't read the excerpt yet on the Little Black Dress site then check it out. She's also giving away a copy of her book on her blog.
I'm planning some partying of my own but my webman tells me my newly revamped site will be up at the end of the week so I'll wait for that to make my announcements.
By the way don't forget that Phillipa and I will be at Waterstones, Merry Hill on Sat Mar 7th 12 till 2.

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