Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Holding your baby

My first advance copy arrived on Saturday of Animal Instincts. I finally read it from cover to cover last night. It's so strange reading your own work when it's finally out there as a book, for all the world to read - or not - as the case might be. Writing Animal Instincts was strange, it felt like the book that would never end as I was writing it. I think it has a different feel to my other books - I don't know, I never could judge my own work. I know that I still love poor vulnerable Clodagh and the bolder but ultimately flawed Immi and Jack, hotheaded and totally delicious - sigh. I just hope other people will love them too and the animal cast of charcters who surround them.
I've finished another chapter of Crystal Clear and so far I'm still on target for this month. The plot is coming together now for Azure and Marla and I'm looking forward to writing the next few chapters especially as Drew is now very firmly in the frame lol.

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