Friday, February 06, 2009

Suite shop

In a break between the snow while the roads are clear and the belles are back in school, Mr Nell and I are going shopping for a three piece suite. We also need a new front door and should we have any money left in the piggy bank after that a bedroom carpet. It's all a bit of a novelty as the biggest and most exciting thing the house has had in ages was the new kitchen taps and the light in my office. We've found a suite we love and even better still it's in the sale - got to be something good in a recession right? I like to think we're doing our bit to boost the economy.
While we've agreed on the suite, the door may be a different matter. I found one I adore but Mr Nell hates it. It's white oak and art deco style. He favours painted steel traditional thirties type style. Hence we're off to look at doors today once we've ordered the furniture.
I also need to clean the house and I'm desperate to write the next chapter of A Scattering of Leaves as I have it all laid out in my head and have to get it onto paper before it vanishes into the mists.

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