Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Almost Halloween

I love Halloween. It signals the start of winter, dark nights, frosts and ancient magic. The belles have decorated the house ready and have planned their costumes to go trick or treating. We live on a small estate and it's good fun to visit friends and neighbours.
Mr Nell is not so keen, although he never objects to helping eat the sweet haul. His thing is Christmas and in a few weeks from now my house will look as if a mad elf has attempted to recreate Santa's grotto.
I have to go into work this week to discuss my sick leave, that'll be something to look forward too as I haven't any answers. My appointment is on the seventh to see the back and lower limb person so until then I don't know what all the treatment options will be. My hip is very painful at the moment so I'm not getting much sleep. The vacant posts have finally been advertised but only internally as yet so it'll still be getting toward Christmas if then, before they're filled. The sad thing is I've lost the capacity to care about it - I think I've worked so hard for so long that I'm still just numb from the whole experience.


Phillipa said...

(((Nell))). I hope you get some treatment for your hip soon. I used to enjoy taking CJ trick or treating when she was younger and now I always have a candle burning in the porch and a bag of treats ready.

Michelle Styles said...


liz fenwick said...

(((Nell))) thinking of you. x