Thursday, October 11, 2007

Catching up on reading

While I've been off I've been catching up on my reading pile. I've just finished some lovely medicals, Olivia Gates and Lynne Marshall. Then I read 'Is anybody out there?' by Marian Keyes.
Now I'm ploughing my way through Margaret Thatcher's 'The path to power' which is a fascinating read by a woman I have a huge admiration for. I've been revisiting the miners strike, the cold war, the fall of the Shah of Iran and it's meaty stuff. I love economics and politics and the Keynesian vs Monetarist approach to the economy and inflation whilst it might drive some people nuts, I find it gripping. I found a lot of things I'd almost forgotten, the referendum for joining the EU, the 'snake' and a host of other things.
It's very interesting to look at what's happening today and to contrast events with what happened then. I'd forgotten how much I love the intellectual arguments and philosphies of economics.

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