Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Coffee and caves

I had a lovely morning yesterday with my very good writing friend, Allison Littlehales. We were just catching up on projects and nattering but it was so good just to talk about writing.
Animal Instincts is shaping up, it always takes me a while to get the first chapter exactly how I want and it's important as the character traits you see there are the ones that show throughout the book. Clodagh, my new heroine is very different from Abbey, my heroine in Blue Remembered Heels.
Clodagh is a slob, loves animals and isn't terribly good with people. Her step-sister Immi is self absorbed, vain and doesn't like animals. They both are going to have quite a journey. Clodagh's hero, Jack is just about to make his first appearance so it's going to get interesting lol.
By now you're probably wondering about the cave bit of the post title. Well, as you know the Friday fun post included a link to the live webcam in the haunted Singing Cavern.
This piece was in the paper yesterday :-
'There have been 500 hits an hour with people logging on from Canada, Australia and the USA.'
So if you visited from here, thank you! Remember if you see anything spooky if you press the button on the site the trust gets a copy of the image and will analyse it.
heres the link again if you missed it first time around.
Spooky cave


Mel said...

Chapter 1 is always fun to write, but never to revise for me. Btw, I love the title of your book.

Lis said...

Yay on chapter 1 shaping up. I love doing first chapters :o)
Looks I might be one of the canucks who checked out the webcam. *g*