Friday, October 12, 2007

Friday Fun 14

The Black Country is renowned for the inhabitants sense of humour and love of 'saftness' in the form of practical jokes. Many of the jokes are told in the names of two Black Country characters Aynuk and Ayli.
Here's a typical joke from The Book of the Black Country by Jon Raven

Ayli was late for work and the gaffer asked him where he had been.

Ayli said : "I've been to 'av me 'air cut."

Gaffer : "In the firm's time ?"

Ayli : "Well it grows in the firm's time, doh it ?"

Gaffer : "It doh all grow in the firm's time !"

Ayli : "I day 'av it all cut off !"

and another

Aynuk was walking along the canal one day when he heard a cry for help coming from the water. Aynuk looked down and spotted a bloke drowning. Instead of helping him out Aynuk ran along the canal bank, up a road and through a factory gate. He rushed up to the foreman and said :
"I've just seen Jack Edwards drownin' in the cut. Can I 'ave 'is job ?"
"Sorry Aynuk," said the foreman, "I've just gid it the bloke wot pushed 'im in."

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