Saturday, October 27, 2007

Write on...

I finished c2 of Animal Instincts and fiddled some more with C1. It's coming together more in my head now and I feel as if I'm more under the skin of my characters. I need to tinker with my fairy story some more and then I can send that off. I also need to read over my half done medical and do some work on that just in case M&B come back to me.
I heard just over a week ago that my editor there liked the revisions and Charlie Darling had been passed up a bit higher for consideration. So I've spent the last week feeling quite sick and jumping a mile everytime my email has pinged or the phone has rung. Since the belles are home the phone rings a lot - and never for me.
I'm also still mulling over my big book idea - it's still bubbling away but isn't quite ready to come out onto paper yet.
I've also managed to somehow lose all my emails - the ones I had saved into folders are still there but all the others have vanished into cyber space. I'm gutted and I can't figure out what happened so please if you emailed me recently with something and I haven't replied please resend it.

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Mel said...

I know how you are feeling. I'm waiting for the rest my revisions. I'm just glad no one can press charges for stalking your own e-mail account.