Thursday, October 25, 2007

Friday Fun 15

The Black Country as you've gathered is famous for it's ghosts. As it's almost Halloween here's an article on The Station Hotel which is situated at the foot of Castle Hill in Dudley.

Thanks to John Blythe for the following piece.
Featured on television by ‘Most Haunted’ the Station Hotel Dudley in the UK, holds many dark secrets, particularly in the cellars. The story tells of a hotel manager who enticed a servant girl into the cellar. Spurning his advances and threatening to tell his wife, the girl was murdered by him.

When ‘Most Haunted’s’ resident psychic Derek Acorah went to the hotel, he reported the name of a male spirit George Williams/Williamson who was having an affair with a female by the name of Elizabeth Hitchen. George Williams allegedly murdered Elizabeth by strangling and stabbing her. Acorah then revealed that Williams disposed of Elizabeth’s body by means of a chute within the hotel, which would have been used, at the time, for the delivery of bottles and barrels. Williams was then reported to have buried the body near the front of the hotel. According to Derek Acorah, Elizabeth Hitchen’s body remains there.

Originally built in 1910, the Station was demolished in 1936 in order to build a larger Hotel. This became particularly popular with theatrical artists playing the Hippodrome Theatre, once situated opposite. Laurel & Hardy, Bob Hope, Bing Crosby and George Formby are amongst the famous names that have stayed at the Hotel.

It is still a nice comfortable hotel with a good restaurant decorated to reflect its former glory. Ask to be seated at ‘Georges’ table.

I have held a number of public paranormal investigations at the Station Hotel and have never been disappointed with the level of paranormal activity. If you visit make sure it’s on a cellar tour night, we have had people touched, pushed, slapped and in the case of one unlucky customer; thrown back off a chair just as the Planchette was about to start, all in the cellar, and don’t forget your camera, ‘orbs’ a plenty at the Station Hotel, currently rated as my number one hotel for paranormal activity.

The ‘Thing’ we photographed in the cellar; at the bottom of the barrel chute, is probably the murderer George but it will take further investigation before we are sure of its identity. If you do decide to stay one night ask for a room on the haunted landing, 214 is the one in which the bed and chair moved when ‘Most Haunted’ filmed there. Nice!

John Blythe is Senior Executive Manager for Haunted Weekend who organizes public paranormal investigations in haunted hotels and castles throughout the UK. He has appeared on television with Haunted Weekend clearing a haunted house and has featured in and written for many paranormal magazines. He is also a featured expert on the paranormal for World Reviewer, a website that specialises in unique experiences; http://www


Phillipa said...

Well. I never knew you were a spook hunter, Nell. Now I have visions of you hunting for ectoplasm! What a great source of ideas for books too.

Mel said...

I love Most Haunted and the TAPS team on the sci-fi channel.

Heather said...

Oooh...sounds intriguing!