Wednesday, October 10, 2007

The waiting game

Still waiting for news from M&B. I heard from my lovely new editor yesterday and Blue Remembered Heels is being dispatched to me today marked up with some points for revision and edits. So, I'm waiting to see what's needed to make the story even better. (I felt very authorly when she said she would send it by carrier - I expect the glamour will evaporate when I get down to work)
The postal strike should be over soon so I'm waiting to see what's stuck in the mail - including hopefully my contracts.
I'm also hoping my medical appointments are in the mail or if not I need to get back on the phone to hurry them along. Rest and heat packs can only help so much.
The first chapter of Animal Instincts is done and with Jessica for her invaluable opinion. Then onto chapter two which is already buzzing in my head.

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Michelle Styles said...

Hooray on feeling autorial and well you should.
I am just pleased the postal strike has ended for the moment and I have a brief opportunity post parcels.
Fingers crossed that your contracts arrive...