Monday, December 17, 2007

Christmas is getting closer

Yesterday was Mr Nell's birthday. His cards get to stay up on their own for one more day and then all the Christmas cards get put up too. I'm off to church again this morning for Boo and La's school carol service and then they are doing a violin concert back at school. I still have a million things to do around home and I want to finish c7 of Animal Instincts. C6 has joined the chapters with Jess. My Moonlit editor will also be sending the edits through anytime for Dangerous to know which is due for release next month.
Tomorrow it's an all day party over at the Moonlit reader group. Please join up and come and chat, there'll be loads of excerpts, and lots of prizes.
Join up here

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Ray-Anne said...

Party, party, party. There is no holding back some people!