Thursday, December 06, 2007

Getting a life

I went out to supper last night with one of my former colleagues. A real grown up dinner in a restaurant. It was so nice to catch up on each others news and to talk about stuff. Grown up stuff like X factor - she's a big addict like me, books, current affairs, education, politics.
Tonight the middle and youngest belles are singing in the choir at church with the Salvation army band. It's a carol service so I'm really looking forward to it. The new songs are nice but I like the old ones because I know the words and can sing along.
Tomorrow Miss La has a friend coming for a sleepover and Saturday is the primary school Christmas fayre.
Still no news from M&B - eight weeks now since I last heard anything.


Mel said...

Waiting absolutely sucks. Needless to say I'm also waiting to hear back on a submission.

Fingers still crossed for you.

Jessica Raymond said...

Glad you had a lovely dinner and *HUGS* on M&B. I hope you get a nice early Christmas-present response from them.

Jess x

Lis said...

Hope the carol service went well :) You know my fingers are still crossed for good news!