Sunday, December 09, 2007

X factor again!

Once again I think the right choice was made. To be honest either Leon or Niki could have gone. Neither of them were very good last night. Niki is no Whitney Houston, singing louder doesn't hide that she couldn't make a key change because her range is limited.
Leon was all over the shop, his second song was awful, maybe his leather trousers were distracting him. The boy can't dance and he especially can't dance and sing at the same time.
Rhydian was okay. Yes, he has a voice but the song choices were lazy and he moves around the stage like someone on castors. I've an office chair with more flexibility then him and the chair is broken.
Same Difference's second song was great, sung with real emotion and they do better when they are presented as an act that can do grown up stuff as well as appealing to a younger audience. I'm pleased they've made the final - they deserve it.
Can't wait to see next weeks final.

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