Wednesday, December 19, 2007


Yesterday was the last of the funerals. I'm so glad that's over now - it's been a very difficult time over the last few weeks. I got my X ray results on my hip and my leg is officially going to fall off - okay, not exactly but there is osteo arthritis in there as well as the bursitis. Now to await the consultant appointment.
I still have a load of cards and gifts to deliver and tomorrow one of my longest standing work colleagues is retiring and I want to go to her party.
Bridie - if you're reading this, we'll miss you so much.
Boo and la have gone off to school all dressed up in their party finery for their Christmas party - yesterday their school did a cinema trip to see Stardust. When I was at school all we had was a cine film of Laurel and Hardy classics in the dining room before making party hats and eating rubbery jelly. Shaggy took the first part of her french GCSE yesterday too - apparantly she's been told that she passed it but doesn't know her grade. This too is all new to me, taking exams in bits and pieces - I must be getting old, no wonder my legs dropping off.


Phillipa said...

Sorry about the hip news Nell and I hope you get treatment very soon. Exams in bits - it is weird isn't it but maybe better than a 3 hour marathon? Happy Christmas P x

Jessica Raymond said...

*HUGS* Hope you can now settle down and enjoy your Christmas.

Jess x

Kate Hardy said...

Hugs, Nell. Hope you get the consultant appointment pdq.

Exams in bits... will definitely suit my eldest, because then we have a chance that at least some of the bits will fall on 'good' days (ADHD is variable - on good days he's a star, on bad days he's on another planet) - so thanks, you've put a bright spot in my day :o)