Friday, December 14, 2007

Friday Fun 21

Another culinary delight of the Black Country is the chain of local sweet shops called Teddy Grays. Teddy Gray is famous for it's herbal tablets. These are sweets made to a secret recipe - rumoured to be known to only three living souls. Very popular they taste lovely and are thought to ward off coughs, colds and sore throats. They are also addictive lol.
I took some to a RNA conference a while back and I know a certain M&B editor who is very fond of these.


Jessica Raymond said...

Is that the place where you got those handmade chocolates?? They were YUMMY!

Jess x

Nell said...

No, the chocolates come from another local shop that specialises just in chocolate. Teddy grays sells traditional sweets like the herbal tablets and tea cakes and what locally is known collectively as 'suck' This isn't like the US term for something bad but here someone would ask 'Dun yo want a bit of suck?' meaning would you like a sweet?