Sunday, December 02, 2007

X factor again

Hopeless went last night. Their second song was better than their first but they were the weakest act.
Leon has improved but they have to stop the boy from trying to dance. He looks like a cross between crazy legs crane and Max Wall. I don't understand a word he says either. I feel like I'm trapped in a Rab C Nesbitt episode when Dermott interviews him.
Niki reminds me of Jayne McDonald. I see a career on the cruise ships in her future. I think it might be me or my mother-in-law's TV but I could swear she's getting wider each week.
Same Difference were fab as usual. They sing well - the only people to actually be harmonising last night. They dance well and cope with the strange and wonderful sets Simon Cowell comes up with. Bring back cheese I say.
Rhydian was okay. He's no rock singer and I felt the Queen number was a bad choice. I would have loved him to have done a Tom Jones Number. He'd be great doing The Green Green Grass of home, don't you think?
Can't wait for next week.

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