Friday, December 07, 2007

Friday Fun 20

The Tipton Slasher.
Born William Perry in 1819 - died 1881
The Tipton Slasher was a canal boatman who left the boats for a time to become the champion boxer of England. This was in the era of bare knuckle boxing and the Slasher earned his nickname from a brutal right hook. He held the championship for some time, finally being defeated by Tom Sayers in 1857. The Slasher then returned to his work on the barges.
He was so famous he lives on in poetry and song.
1 Bill Perry lived the life God gave,
He's gone to his long rest.
We'll write these words upon his grave
'He fought and beat the best.'

2 A King he was within the ring,
A songster in Spon Lane;
No more again we'll hear him sing
'My pretty, pretty Jane.'

3 Ben Caunde 'as gone (of doubtful worth)
And dodging Bendigo.
And Freeman Bold, of giant girth,
And fouling Paddock, too.

4 Tom Sayers, bravest of the brave,
Has long ago passed on;
Their bodies lie within the grave,
Their fighting souls box on.

5 That Death! Grim Victor of us all,
He found the Slasher tough!
For never did the Slasher call
' 'Old on, I've had enough.'

6 'Enough, enough!' he never cried,
But battled toe to toe.
Unflinchingly his fists he plied,
And countered blow with blow.

7 And, if you have a tear to shed,
Friend, let it be a splasher!
And let it fall for him now dead,
The gallant Tipton Slasher.
(Unknown author)

The Slasher is buried in St John's churchyard on Kates Hill, which is the church where I married Mr Nell and where Shaggy was christened. The church is in dire need of repair and there is an action group to save it.HERE

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