Saturday, December 15, 2007

X factor final

All I can say is that anyone who voted for Leon to win should go and buy his record because he's going to need all the help he can get. What a complete travesty. Same Difference were superb as usual and for overall talent they were streets ahead all the way through. Rhydian can sing light opera and his version of the song for the single was a million miles better than Leon's off key effort. Leon had extra vote time too - he sang first and the lines opened, then there was a break and the lines closed as soon as Rhydian had finished singing. They should have been frozen till both of them had sung to make it completely fair.
It was nice to see Kylie looking well and carrying some extra weight but she shouldn't have sung with Leon. It sent out a signal that he was the preferred candidate. Kathryn Jenkin's voice overpowered Rhydian which was a shame.
All in all I don't feel the voting reflected the talent which was disappointing. It'll be interesting to see if the single gets to number one.


Debs said...

I've only watched the last few shows but have to agree with you that Leon shouldn't have won. I thought that Dannii M looked just a little too thrilled that he had beaten Rhydian.

Ray-Anne said...

Out of tune rubbish.
Will never get to number one.
He was robbed!

Strange. These are precisely the words that Mr Ray-Anne used when he reported the results to me yesterday evening.
Great minds think alike it would seem!

Have a great Sunday - cold, frosty but sunny here in Hampshire. :-)

Biddy said...

I was horrified!! I immediately turned off the TV. Complete and utter travesty.

*off to sulk*