Saturday, December 08, 2007

Suddenly looks a lot like Christmas

Well, it does at the Nell household. Tree is up and decorated, outside lights and signs are up. Six million singing and dancing animatronic pieces of Christmasobilila are arranged around the lounge ready to startle unwary guests into spilling their Port when they burst into life without warning.
The cards don't go up till after Mr Nell's birthday on the 16th, then the walls and doors will be smothered in cards.
The advents stables are out. The large one is in the hall awaiting the arrival of the Christ child on Christmas day.
The small one is on the hearth. This set is a tiny one we bought in Spain pre children. When the belles were small they loved to play with the figures. I have fond memories of my eldest belle hopping Jesus along the fireplace on his head saying 'Hide baby Jesus the snowman is coming to get you.' while the middle belle waggled a giant knitted toy behind the stable.
This afternoon is the Christmas fayre at the littler belles school. La has had a friend sleeping over so there has been an extra pair of hands to hang the baubles and eat the chocolate decorations.
To add to my joy I just had an email from one of my writer friends. Mary belongs to Wombourne writers and is incredibly talented - Loose ID have agreed and she's sold her first book!!!!!! Yay!!! I love sales stories don't you?


Ray-Anne said...

I had to resist buying the favourite Xmas song CD in the sale bin yesterday!
'Oh here it is, merry christmas, everybody's having fun...etc '..
you get the idea.
My kitch is not nearly as cool as your kitch!

Mr Ray-Anne is currently glued to X factor and I can hear laughter.
This may be a good sign.

Enjoy! :-)

Jessica Raymond said...

Ah, it all sounds so nice :) We're going to put all our decs up this evening.

And congrats to Mary!

Jess x

Biddy said...

OK I can't stop laughing at the snowman and Jesus story!!