Friday, December 28, 2007

Sale on

Ever since she opened her parcels La, my youngest belle, has been planning her shopping day. She likes 'flat' presents and was soon busy drawing up a list of things she planned to get. Every year I take the belles out one at a time to the sales, where they get one to one Mom time and they choose what they want to buy with their vouchers and money.
This year it was La's turn to go first. So at bang on nine this morning we were in the Bear Factory, followed by Disney store, Partners, Asda, Next, Pumpkin Patch, WH Smith, Waterstones and M&S. She's very happy and my hip is very achey. She bought a lovely fluffy Eyeore dressing gown, an e pet, more gel pens and Crayola colour explosion stuff, a pink velour tracksuit, two new books, bear outfits and a note pad plus her big sister's birthday present.
Now I need to rest up before the next one's turn to shop.

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