Thursday, December 13, 2007

Mystic pizza

My Christmas tree is not exactly designer. I think I may have mentioned before that it's covered in things we've collected and that the belles have made. I had a visitor yesterday who was fascinated by all the different things hanging on the branches. Hummel balls from Austria, Three Russian dolls from the Ukraine, Clay gingerbread men that weigh a ton and bow down the branches, an angel made from pipecleaners that we call Britney Spears (she has a bald patch)a set of Cinderella ornaments, knitted toys that the belles used to play with when they were tiny - made by their much loved great grandmother.
Then my visitor found a multi-coloured flat blob of an ornament.
'What's this one?'
I had to explain that when Boo was in preschool when they got out the saltdough for the children to make a decoration for the tree, while the others mades angels and baubles and candy canes, Boo made a pizza. So I have pizza on my Christmas tree - and very nice it looks too next to a snowman and a glass angel.

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Kate Hardy said...

Nell, that's such a lovely story.

We have the bells made out of yoghurt pots and glitter, and others made out of dried pasta stuck on card and then spray painted. And they're just charming.