Monday, December 10, 2007

Oh those golden slippers

Miss La has gone to school today in glittery gold shoes. It's complicated but basically her friend stayed over on Friday for a sleepover. Both Miss La and the friend have the same shoes, in the same size and both have foot problems that mean they have adaptions on their shoes.
Last night La couldn't find her school shoes but she found her friends shoes. So, she rang her friend who assumed she had gone home in the wrong shoes. Are you with me so far?
They decide to swap shoes at school, except La can't wear the friends shoes so she wears her party gold glitzy ones.
Cue a phone call from La at school this morning, 'Mom, she hasn't got my shoes.'
Now I have to go and search all over the house for where the missing shoes might possibly be, because it would be far to simple to have ut them where they are supposed to be kept, wouldn't it?
I guess it will make a change from 'the dog ate my homework' type of excuse - sigh

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