Wednesday, January 02, 2008

Oh no it isn't

Yes, we're off to the panto tonight. The belles are very excited at the prospect of seeing a 3d genie and a dalek. Eldest is excited as John Barryman is playing as Aladdin.
I spent New Years eve looking back at my goals for last year and updating my business plan for this year. That sounds very important doesn't it? Actually it's just a piece of paper where I look at what I need to do to keep moving forward and how that ties in with the stories I want to write. Then I break it down to make sure it's doable.
The day job is still up in the air. I have to see my manager next week and HR but realistically until I get a time frame and a firm decision from my consultant it's all a bit academic.
Animal Instincts is moving forward well and I'm feeling much happier about the story.


Sally Lawton said...

Happy New Year Nell.
Hope you had much fun at the panto.

Kate Hardy said...

Hope you had a lovely time at the panto, Nell :o)