Thursday, January 24, 2008

Be Afraid, be very afraid

We picked up the new automatic car. No, I haven't driven it yet - pease stop the clucking chicken noises at the back and remember that I am the same person who once crashed a Sinclair C5 into a tree.
I need a bit of time to play with the new toy and get used to using one foot and one hand. I still need to sell Baby, so remember if you want a lovely silver Kia sorento, low mileage and all mod cons then I'm your woman.
Mr Nell decided I needed cheering up so he bought me some new fish today for my tank. Two lovely little angels who I've called Brad and Angelina and a couple of silver gourami. The baby fish are still doing well and growing rapidly. It's funny watching the estabished fish asserting themselves on the new ones. The clown loach have whiskered the angels and tried to outstare them while the Gourami's have decided punting at the Platys then darting off to hide in the weed and laugh is a good strategy.
Writing wise I'm on c13 of Animal Instincts and I know a lot of what I need to put in the previous chapters to make them stronger. I'm also writing the big book, a little at a time as it's very different in feel and takes a lot of thought. The fact that I can't physically sit for long to type is another factor in my rate of progress.


Ray-Anne said...

I am interested in the idea of writing a new different book while wrapping up the current WIP. I have heard of a few writers who do this.
Do you think that being jazzed about the new book 2 drives through the last stages of book 1?
Or is it more a matter of flexing creature muscles and capturing scenes as 'the girls in the basement' drag them out from the unconsious?
Just curious.
Best of luck with the new motor.

Nell said...

I'll do a post on this soon Ray Anne as a few people have asked before how I work on different projects at the same time.

Sally Lawton said...

Hi Nell,

I had an automatic car and just loved it. She died on Asda carpark almost a year ago :-(

My dad has since given me his little car, so I'm back to a manual car. But I really love driving an automatic.

Hope you're having lots of fun getting used to it! :-)