Friday, January 04, 2008

Snow no show

Well, it didn't snow but it's still very cold here. The tree and decorations are down, just the outside lights to go. Everything is very dusty so I need to polish and wash all of my cut glass and china while trying to restore order to the house.
Fridays have been given over to my Friday Fun posts for the last few months. I'm interested to know if you would all like me to continue with those? I hope you've enjoyed learning more about the Black Country, it's food, it's people, it's ghosts and buildings.
The Seven sisters cavern was in the news just yesterday as it may have to be closed to the public and infilled since we lost out on the lottery bid. I hope Sustrain and their vote rigging cyclists are happy - cross, moi?
I have a lot more things I can tell you but it's up to you. Let me know - more Black Country info? Or something different for Fridays instead?


Jessica Raymond said...

I like the posts :) Especially recipes for local foods!

Jess x

Biddy said...

More local posts please!!

Nell said...

How about a short series on Black Country people? Including ELO, Slade, Robert Plant, Julie Walters, Josie Lawrence and Lenny Henry?