Sunday, January 13, 2008


Outing was a success. I would have enjoyed it more if my leg didn't hurt so much. It's been worse since I drove on Tuesday. I think it was just a bit too far with the roadworks.
The weather here is so dark and wet it has a very lowering effect on the spirits. I also had some sad news about a writing friend this afternoon.
To cap it all I've been unable to acess my g mail account for two days now. It's been as slow as molasses ever since Sky started fiddling with it.
I'm in dire need of some good news from someone so if anyone has something cheerful to post - book sales, requests, just generally nice happenings however small then post in the comments.


Lis said...

*hugs* Glad the outing went well, but sorry to hear you were in pain for it.

Okay good news. Agent A passed on Chey, but with glowing comments, calling it 'a juicy, cinematic plot' and that it seemed more cinematic than bookish in some spots. :o)

Kate Hardy said...

I have some (the first nice thing that's happened in a truly pants year to date so I did the girly thing and burst into tears) but I can't tell you until Thursday. But it's good. :o)

Hope your week looks up, too.

And to make you smile - my word verification was sexychaa. Imagine dancing with Antonio Banderas. That's also something to smile about :o)

Jessica Raymond said...


I don't have much exciting news at the moment, but I will let you know as soon as I know any.


Jess x

Judy Jarvie said...


Good news time - my eldest is recognising letters and numbers at last (she had marked developmental delay and is on an extra yr of nursery as her speech alone has needed loadsa time) At one point we resigned ourselves that letters and numbers might just not happen. When she points to things in the book I just want to squeeze her so tight. Hope that helps even the balance a bit. jx

Julie Cohen said...

I also have some good news I can't tell you until Thursday. Is it the same good news as Kate's? Well, I can't tell you that either, but I can tell you I didn't burst into tears but rather smiled and smiled and smiled.

Do you want a photograph of John Cusack in leather trousers? That's good news.

liz fenwick said...

(((())))s. Hope you are feeling better.

Good news ....I'm going to the rna lunch:-)

Nell said...

Great comments, Lis.
Judy, that's wonderful.
Liz, I'm hoping I can go but I won't know till I see the docs on Monday. I'd love to see you.
Kate and Julie I'll expect you in here with bells on on Thursday as it'll drive me crazy now trying to guess what it is. I've a few ideas but I'm probably way off.

Nell said...

I forgot to say a huge thank you to Janet who emailed me a solution to my g mail woes!