Thursday, January 03, 2008

Taking down the decs

Panto was fab. Four daleks, special 3d glasses that made it look as if the genie was flying at you. John Barryman is a terrible giggler so - when as happens in panto - the unexpected happens, he was reduced to a fit of the giggles. Don McClean as Widow Twanky and the Grumbleweeds had clearly caught on to this. I love theatre and I wish I could afford to go more often but shows have become so expensive.
It's very cold here and we're expecting some snow later. Beef stew for tea tonight I think and we need to take down the decorations today.
Chapter eight of Animal Instincts should be finished later today too. I'm hostess for the month at the Moonlit readers loop so if you get chance stop by and say hello. Dangerous to Know is due for release on the twentieth and as soon as I see the cover I'll put it up to show you. Moonlit always do beautiful covers so I'm really excited to see what it will be like.


Kate Hardy said...

Glad you had such a lovely time at the panto.

Stay safe in the snow.

Lis said...

Sounds like a fun time was had!
Hope it doesn't get too cold and snowy :)