Sunday, January 06, 2008

Who used all the ink?

I've had a new printer. The old one decided it just didn't want to print anything black ever again. We cleaned it, changed cartridges, threatened it with violence and still it decided not to work. In fact, it then dug in it's heels and decided blue was the only possible shade of print it could manage.
So, I have a shiny new black Cannon printer sitting on the desk in the family room now instead.
Unfortunately the old printer became senile just as I needed to print off a short story for a project for the RNA. I'm posting it today and hope I'm not too late. If I am or they don't like it I'll have to send Muriel the car-park fairy's story to soemone else. Though I'm not sure who else would want a story about a fairy and George Clooney.
I'm almost halfway now on Animal Instincts and really loving the story. Clodagh is very different from the heroine in Blue Remembered Heels and Jack, my new hero, is a very sexy guy.


Jessica Raymond said...

Glad you got the printer problems sorted out!

Jess x

Lis said...

I hate when printers go crazy. Mine once decided pink was its color of choice.

And you had me at George Clooney lol

Michelle Styles said...

Funnily enough -- I just got a new Cannon as well. My dh and ds had enough of the grinding chug of the old one, plus it was refusing to print certain colours.