Tuesday, January 22, 2008


I've been tagged by Carol http://www.romancewriterwoes.blogspot.com

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Six random things/ quirks - hmm
1. I live on coffee. I carry sachets of coffee in my purse so I don't run out.
2. I love brooches and have quite a few, including a lovely one that Allison Littlehales gave me when I won the Romance Prize.
3. I sing along to music in the supermarket and I'm not a good singer. Before my hip was bad I would embarress the belles by dancing in the frozen food aisle.
4. I always wear perfume. I love perfume and feel naked if I'm not wearing any.
5. I always cry when I read Little Women at the bit when Beth is ill.
6. I don't like sport - either watching or participating. When I was at schoo I hated PE so much I learned the oboe so I could miss double games on Monday afternoons. Things got worse when I accidently hit my teacher with a javelin. Well I thought she said 'throw'. As I was the only girl not holding a javelin it was a bit of a giveaway that it was me.
Tagging - Lis, Jessica, Liz Fenwick, Sally, Rae Anne and Amanda Ashby.


Ray-Anne said...

Tagged indeed. Snarf. Ray-Anne

liz fenwick said...

I loved your answers then saw my name.......hmmmmm :-) Tomorrow!

Amanda Ashby said...

Yup - I've seen the coffee sachets in your purse!!!! And actually I'm pleased you tagged me cos I'm so bummed about Heath Ledger dying that I couldn't think of anything to blog about that wasn't sad.

Carol Burge said...

LOL Had to laugh at #3 - and just for the record, I don't like sports, either! Never did. :)

Thanks for being such a good sport and playing along, Nell.

Nell said...

Can't wait to see everyone elses answers.