Tuesday, January 15, 2008


I've changed colour from blue to green with envy. My eldest dd has gone to London today with her school. They have tickets to see the Tutankhamon exhibition and I would so love to see that. I've always been fascinated by mummies and burials. I watched a great time team programme just last night on Viking treasure.
The one place I would really love to see is Pompeii. I think it's because of the glimpses we get into the past. The small personal things that make the people really live, like a baby shoe or someones treasured cooking pot.
I decided to get my hair cut and hi-lighted today in a bid to lift my spirits, plus I'm in imminent danger of being mistaken for cousin It from the Adams family.


Kate Hardy said...

I'm going to see the exhibition in half term. So you get a second chance to do it vicariously :)

Me, too, re Pompeii.

Hope you're feeling a little brighter now.

Sara Hantz said...

I remember seeing the exhibition years and years ago. We had to queue for 4 hours. It was so worth it.

I also did Pompeii when I went on the school cruise. I was only 14 so didn't really appreciate it. I really want to go back.