Saturday, January 19, 2008

Weekend round up

Dangerous to Know should be available this weekend. My publisher had hoped to get it out yesterday but a last minute snafoo is holding it up. In the meantime congratulations to this years shortlisted candidates for The Romance Prize.
I'm thrilled to see several of my friends names there and I've read most of the books.
Fiona Harper is there twice! Amazing woman.
Liz Fielding - one of my autobuy authors.
Julie Cohen - my good friend and fellow Little Black Dress author
Kate Hardy - another friend and a wonderful writer
Lucy Gordan - writes yummy italian heroes.

Sadly no historicals this year, and no People's Friend or My Weekly or Little Black Dress books. I was so honoured and thrilled beyond belief to win last year. My writing life took off in amazing directions thanks to the Romance Prize and I bless my friend Michelle Styles for convincing me to enter, especialy when she had her own wonderful book in the shortlist too. I expect her to be in next years shortlist. (Go buy A Christmas Wedding Wager while you can still get it.)
My agent has seen my synopsis for my big book and I have the green light so I need to crank my pace up a notch. I'm hoping once I've seen the consultant on Monday I'll know what my plans for this year and the future are likely to be.
In other news, Mr Nell is changing his car. He's sacrificing his motor for a Jazz automatic which he's going to let me drive. I've only driven an auto once so it may take a little getting used to but I'll be mobile again soon - yay!!!
We're going to sell Baby, my beloved Kia Sorento too. So if you want a much loved tow car with loads of luxury bits in it that's only done 24k let me know.

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Ray-Anne said...

Congratulations on the green light - all systems go, I hope.
Best of luck with the medic.