Saturday, January 12, 2008


Was my eldest daughter's fourteenth birthday. In a moment of madness I appear to have been persuaded to chaperone a party of teenage girls to the pictures on Sunday to celebrate this event. I understand we're seeing Alvin and the Chipmunks followed by Pizza at Pizza hut. My role in this outing is to bring money.
In fact, bringing money seems to be the main role of parents as children get older, that, and providing transport.


Phillipa said...

Nell. LOL. Have a good time! In my experience, the bringing money morphs into bringing much larger sums of money and they need you even more, but in a different way to help them make big decisions about the future. And as for providing the transport - that's a breeze comoared to them driving themselves. Be afraid, be very afraid...

Ray-Anne said...

You were clearly a child bride.

It sounds like FUN!

And your darling actually wants you there, which is a bonus, even if you running an exclusive hotel and chauffeur service. With cash.

Lucky girls.

Kacey said...

LOL, why is it that it's always our role to bring the money??

I have to admit, now that my kids are older, and I don't have to do the whole birthday party thing...I don't miss it a bit.

I do miss having them around the house though! Usually *g

Sally Lawton said...

:-) Have a lovely time!! Hope a fun birthday is had :-)

Lis said...

Hope you have a lovely time :)

Jessica Raymond said...

ROFL! I hope you come out the other side with a piece of pizza, at least.

Jess x

Kate Hardy said...

FOURTEEN? Yep, I second Ray-Anne.

Hope you enjoyed it. (Did you have to sit through the film, too? If so, I hope it was better than the Bee Movie.)