Monday, January 21, 2008

Today's the day

I finally get to see the consultant. This is the scary part - not because of the treatment. I've had numerous operations and injections in my life - but I'm scared of the prognosis. Osteo arthritis of the hip has a genetic link and it's very strong in my family. My father had to take early retirement for the same reason. I suppose that's been one of the factors nigging at the back of my mind and when you are the main breadwinner for your family it is a frightning prospect.
I've had a job ever since I've been thirteen, I've done all kinds of things, car washing, waitressing, modelling, shoefitting, check-out girl, business owner as well as all the nursing stuff. There are things I like about being at home - it's been a novel experience - but it's also driven me nuts.
I'm used to being busy, racing around, doing a dozen things at once. Anyone who's ever worked with me will tell you that I'm frighteningly well organized. I hate not being in control of what I'm doing and this business with my hip has meant I don't have control.
So, keep your fingers crossed that the prognosis is good, the treatment is swift and effective and I can be working again soon before I drive my friends and family crazy.


Jessica Raymond said...

Fingers definitely crossed -- I'll be thinking of you today *HUG*

Phillipa said...

Good luck Nell. X

Carol Burge said...

Hi Nell, I apologize for this, but you've been "tagged"

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Lis said...

Fingers crossed for good news *hugs*

liz fenwick said...

Coming in late so hope that it was positive news yesterday. Thinking of you.

Michelle Styles said...

And the verdict is...

My fingers are tremndously crossed for you Nell. They can do so much more now than they used to be able to.

Janet said... owner. What intriguing jobs. Any chance of a few details? :)