Sunday, June 28, 2009


We went and fetched some new fish for the tank today to replace some of our losses, so now we have three red Mickey Mouse Platys, Three Blue wagtail Platys and a strange whiskery fish which Miss La has called Mr Whiskers - hopefully he'll play nicely with the clown loaches. Angie the angel fish is decidely put out by the new arrivals and is guarding her patch of the tank. The clowns are watching from the pineapple house while Mr Molly is beside himself with excitement at the prospect of new females to flirt with.


Athena said...

Your fish sound very frisky Nell... just as you'd expect from the fish of a romantic novelist. LOL.

Nell Dixon said...

Hi Athena, the fish are great fun to watch. Mr Molly is a sailfin molly so he puts up his fin and chases anything that looks like it might be a female molly. Alas, he's often disappointed but he certainly is a trier.