Thursday, June 18, 2009

Parents evening

Tonight was parents evening for Miss Boo. Her evenings are always interesting as we're never quite sure what to expect. She is my special baby who came into the world very small and quite a few weeks too early. She also has a very specialised language diability which means she has to work extra hard just to prove how wonderful and clever she really is. Luckily for her and us she has some wonderful teachers who have picked up on how she learns. Amongst the many lovely comments this evening were several teachers saying they had never had a pupils grades improve so much in the course of a year. For her favourite subject - science - several of her tests came out at level 7. Average for her year would be a mid 4. The same with her other favourite subject, Drama, again way above where she was expected to be. Unfortunately her math gene seems to come from me so you can't win them all. Even so it just proves that a small adjustment to how information is presented to a child with a learning challenge can make a huge difference. I'm so so relieved that the acadamy was knocked on the head.


Julie Cohen said...

You must be rightfully proud. What a wonderful young lady she is turning out to be.

I hope you're feeling better today, too.

Judy Jarvie said...

Hugs and hurrays Nell.
As a mum with a learning difficulties child it's really lovely and heartening to read your post. I hate it when the obstacles and problems so often outweigh the real highlights/achievements. It should be distance travelled and high points over norms and milestones (often makes me dread parent feedback when in fact our wee one has done very well considering). So it's good to know rainy spells can bring rainbows too! Your daughter sounds like a star!
Hugs Nell.
J x

Julie Day said...

Tell Miss Boo from me she has done well. You must be a proud parent. I remember parents evening so well still. I was always described as hard working but shy. You might say that I still am. Have a good weekend.