Saturday, June 20, 2009

Some days

are good, some are great and others are just meh. Today is meh, not sure why. I think the crows are pecking at me at the moment over the new book. I have three chapters now and I think it works but then again maybe not. Perhaps it's because this book is in third and my others are in first, maybe it's because I'm still hanging out to hear on my other stuff, maybe I should just knock it all on the head. I dunno, it's just that kind of a day. I think I'll go and eat something calorie laden and bad for me and then I'll feel better.


Sally Lawton said...

((Sending hugs Nell ))


Julie Cohen said...

Hugs to you. I hope the crows go away soon.

*hands Nell a chocolate cake and a crow-scaring broom*

Kate Hardy said...

Hugs, Nell.

Low-calorie suggestion here: go and look at a picture of yourself holding the RNA trophy. Remember: you wrote a book good enough to win. Which means that you CAN write well and you WILL write well. These are "writing in a different style" crows. Scare them off with good memories.

(And if that fails, I recommend an ice-cream maker... mine is helping me through them, and it's a non-guilty pleasure because it's made with fat free Greek yoghurt!)