Friday, June 12, 2009

Half-wit or Sophia?

Okay, so if you don't watch BB then you won't get what I'm talking about but for those of you as sad as me who do you think will go? The poison pixie or the vacant one? My bet is on Half-wit simply because Sophia will be a real thorn in the obnoxious Safia's side if she stays.
Most of my errands run today, bought new jeans, PJ's and my favourite items for cheering myself off (yes, I'm talking knickers)I love my new bag - now to empty all the crap out of my old bag and use my lovely cute green Radley one with matching coin purse and little pale blue Radley dog.
I've done a ton of research today too for the new book - why do I never learn? Why do I insist on setting books in areas and subjects I know virtually nothing about? I got a load of magazines for research too while I was running errands. The new edition of Cosmo is giving away Freya North's pillow talk - bargain for £2!!


Nell Dixon said...

Well, Safia walked so then Sophia got evicted. Something tells me that Sree and half-wit may be up next week!

Christina Phillips said...

LOL Nell. I hear you on the research and for some reason my muse always insists on setting my books in places I don't have a clue about!!