Monday, June 08, 2009

Shoring up the pictures

I mentioned in my last post the amount of thinking I do when I'm starting a new story. To help me build up a sense of that story and who those characters are i make myself a playlist of music that helps me define certain moments or characteristics of the story. Here's my list for Just Look at me Now:

Love Scenes - Beverly Craven
It's all coming back to me - Meatloaf
Shape of my heart - Sting
I get the sweetest feeling - Jackie Wilson
I will never fall in love again - The Noisettes
If I could turn back time - Cher with Cyndi Lauper
Shes got the look - Roxette

I usually add to this as the book goes on and over time one song will come to mean that story to me. For Animal Instincts it was the Sugababes - Cos I know how I feel about you now. For Crystal Clear it was Girls in their summer clothes by Bruce Springsteen.
Oh, and I found a picture for Josh - my hero, yep, that's him at the top. Apparently he's an actor called Matthew Goode but I've never seen him act so i don't know if he's famous or not. I'm sure one of you more worldly people will tell me lol.


Christina Phillips said...

I love that Meatloaf song. I love Steinman's lyrics! Ack. Now I'll have to go play my Meatloaf CDs again!!!

Nell Dixon said...

I love Meatloaf - he does a great concert. The video of this track on Youtube with Marion Raven is wonderful - so OTT and telling the story.