Tuesday, June 02, 2009

On a roll

Finally got the shoe problem sorted - in the end I had to go down there with the shoes and not move until I got an answer. Shoes are now gone to be altered so Miss la will have to have a note for school and permission to wear sandals for a week until tbey come back. Not ideal but better than nothing.
I finally got on top of some of my mailing today too - a huge haul to the post office of official forms, parcels and other writerly bits and bobs that I needed to sort out.
I also braved the child tax credit line and dealt with updating and renewing all of that info - always a challenge when you have dyscalculia and there are a lot of numbers involved.
I finished the first chapter of Just Look at me Now. I think I quite like it - it's very different again from my other books and definitely different from Crystal Clear. Even better yesterday I got my sticky mitts on a copy of Jessica Hart's Honeymoon with the Boss. Rush out and get a copy - it's a lovely summery sunshine feelgood read that whisks you off to a tropical paradise.


Michelle Styles said...

I had forgotten the saga of La's joints.

I can well remember those days. I had to wear a brace at night and for years I was in saddle shoes as they gave my feet enough support. To this day I loathe and detest saddle shoes.
I was so profoundly glad that my children did not suffer from it.
My deepest sympathies.

Julie Day said...

Glad to hear that you've now sorted La's shoes out. Don't envy you at all dealing with all those forms.

Congrats on starting the next book. I think writers find the true voice over a period of time and know what suits them best to write. I have been writing in 1st pov and like it but not sure if I will carry on with it for the rest of my children's books I have in mind.

My website has a new look, which I am loving already, please take a butcher's.