Monday, June 22, 2009

Ho hum

I'm still in a really restless mood. I'm putting it down to the weather. I did eat a little bit of a lovely M&S strawberry Compote trifle which lifted my mood for a while but since I'm still endeavoring to be good and eat more healthily I didn't go wild. I think I may have lost some weight as I've gone down a jeans size back to the size I was last year so hopefully that's good. I would weigh myself but the battery has gone in the scales and really it's how I look and feel thats more important to me than the number on the dial.
I'm still researching stuff for the new book and thinking about the structure of how it will work. So far I haven't used the hero's pov and I think I may be missing a scene that would show that things aren't as Tia perceives them. Or as Juliet wants her to perceive them. I think it might become clearer when I do the next chapter when Josh makes his first physical appearance, I just don't know.
I'm getting my eyes checked today too, I think I mentioned I have been getting fuzzy vision and headaches and it's definitely more of an effort to see clearly so I think my eyes have taken a sudden deterioration. I'm going to ask about contact lenses too as glasses really annoy me especially when I have to keep swapping for reading.

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