Tuesday, June 16, 2009


Thank you to all the lovely readers I met at Thimblemill library on Monday. I had a lovely time talking with all of you. I'm still deep in research for the next book as I need to get the first part of the setting right with who is responsible for what. I think I have all the main characters straight now except Josh who is still off screen at the moment but about to make his appearance at the end of chapter three although we are already aware of him.
Today has been another day of errands. My watch battery died so I had to get that sorted, another trip to the bank, booking my eye appointment as I suspect i need new glasses which is why I've been getting headaches, migraine and fuzzy vision. Loads of little fiddly businessy type things to sort out too all of which eat up time. I am hopeful of finishing chapter three this week though and the rest of my immediate research.

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