Saturday, June 13, 2009


Sigh, have done tons more research getting myself into the right mood for this story. Tia ia a very different heroine from Zee in Crystal Clear. So far I've been reading beauty columns, fashion mags, Cosmo and surfing on Friends reunited and on Facebook. Yes it is all in the name of research and getting back into what it was like to be at secondary school. It's felt very strange digging up things that I'd kind of forgotten but will give me the right flavour for the story. How the different groups worked and what's happened to people since then, all of which is hugely important for Tia and Josh.
I also read Freya North's Pillow Talk. It kind of reminded me of the Time Travellers wife. There were aspects of it that I liked but the head hopping and weird tenses kept jolting me and I couldn't get deep enough into it to turn off my internal critic. So a good read and i'm glad I read it but not a keeper. I will look out for a few more of her books though and give them a shot.

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