Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Time out

I was getting on my own nerves so while I was out having my eyes checked I went shopping - for me - by myself. Not something I do often. I don't actually spend much on clothes and I only possess three pairs of shoes in total. I bought a nice John Rocha top from Debenhams sale, a top from Per Una and some lovely evening trousers from the Jacques Vert sale to take to conference to wear at the gala dinner. My other evening trousers were given to me by my mother when I was pregnant with eldest dd, so I'm well overdue for a new pair.
Turns out my everyday glasses were fine, which is what I thought, and I was right about my vision being worse on the computer and for reading, so I now have to wear the stronger lenses for computer work and I should get another pair for reading. I don't really like glasses so I'm going to see the consultant in a few weeks to see if I can have contacts - squee! I'm a bit excited about that, I think I'll feel more 'me' as in the old 'me' if I can wear them and if I can't at least I'll know.
Still thinking on the new book - I think c4 will be the decider as to how it needs to go. No news on any of the other projects.

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Anonymous said...

Hurrah for shopping on your own - can't wait to see these evening trousers at the conference! I think you are VERY brave to think about contacts - one thing that makes me squirm! LOL