Sunday, November 30, 2008


Ruth got knocked out of X Factor last night. Absolutely bonkers! JLS and Diana were much worse. Alexandra sang up a storm and Ruth was amazing. Little Hedgehog gurned for the camera and did his High School Musical routine. JLS were good on their second song. Diana was useless as usual - back to the no shoes as she walks like a turkey and would be way taller than the others if she wore heels. Again she didn't move about - there are never any clips of her with Brian learning routines which is grossly unfair as the others all have demanding routines to learn as well as their songs.
Britney Spears mimed through a tired looking dance routine.
Then it was I'm a celeb - How much longer do we have to suffer David Van Day and Esther Rantzen? Esther is more annoying than Timmy Mallet and that's a difficult thing to do.
Ah well, on with the show I suppose.
December 1st tomorrow and my calendar is filling up fast although as usual the youngest belle's school hasn't given us any dates for the school fayre, the carol service or the nativity evening. It really annoys me when they drop things on parents at the last minute usually they are during work time and expect people to attend. Hello - the day of the stay at home lady of leisure ended in the fifties. The mum's who aren't in paid work usually have other commitments too, caring for other children, relatives etc. We need a few weeks notice to organise diaries.

Friday, November 28, 2008

Foggy day

The world outside my window is enveloped in white mist. I can just see the outline of the squirrel picking his way along the bare branches of the tree at the end of the lane. I had a lovely surprise parcel in the post this morning which is making me grin. I just love surprises especially nice ones. Mr Nell has retrieved the advent box from the attic so now I have to fill the drawers with goodies for the belles. I love this run up to Christmas with the rustling of paper and hiding away of little treats and surprises.
I think I'm going to do another chapter on Crystal Clear this weekend. I know I said I was going to hit 30k on my other project but I need to give it time to breathe as it isn't quite right and if I forge ahead too quickly at this point then I know it's not going to work. I need to tidy, expand and adit the first third and I need a degree of separation in order to see clearly what I need to do. In other words, the fog has to lift in order for me to focus.

Wednesday, November 26, 2008


My head really aches today - I don't know if it's the lighting in my office at work or what but this is the second time lately I've had a day in the office and come home with a bad head. Last time this happened at the old job they checked the lights and found the one over my desk was about to catch fire - mmm, maybe I should mention it to someone?
The littlest belle has been trying to find out what she's getting for Christmas. This is the conversation at tea yesterday.
Mr Nell - I hope you're being good or Santa won't visit you.
La - I know what you're going to buy me anyway
Mr Nell - Really? What's that?
La - A guitar - you've been looking on ebay.
Mr Nell - Oh? How do you know?
La - I looked at your browsing history on your computer.
Me - You'd better start deleting that
La - with a shrug - s'okay, I know how to retrieve it.
I'm raising a master criminal.

Tuesday, November 25, 2008


Who turned the heat off? It's turned very cold here now and I had to spend five minutes this morning de-icing the car before I could go to work. I've been planning my Christmas lists, presents, stuff I need to do around the house and all that kind of thing. It'll be so nice this year now I'm out of pain and mobile unlike last year when everything was so bleak. I'm really looking forward to enjoying everything.
I've put my project book on hold for a few days to give myself some perspective as I think I need to work more on polishing up the first chunk of the book before I can write the middle part. This means I'm back working on Crystal Clear which has been bubbling away nicely in the back of my mind. My poor heroine is just waking up to reality and it's not going to be pretty.

Sunday, November 23, 2008

X Factor more

Hmm, interesting stuff last night. I thought Diana (frog chorus) Vickers should have been in the last two with Rachel. I thought the right person went although her last song was the best she's been ever since she came on the show. Ruth was amazing as was Alexandra. Little Hedgehog did a Troy Bolton impression and JLS seemed out of sync. No idea what was going on between Danni and Louis but I really miss Sharon.
Great to see Same Difference again - they just shine with joy and lift the atmosphere so much. I hope their tour does really well.
I'm a Celeb had David Van Day jibbering in a hole underground covered in bugs while Brian Paddick showed his all to the nation. Tonight we get to see Timmy Mallet tortured - marvellous. Just wish someone would make Esther do something. She sits there like one of the three witches from Macbeth poking the fire while George (Mr Sulu) Takei says 'oh my' every two minutes.
This weekend has been incredibly frustrating and annoying for all kinds of reasons. None of which I could do anything about but even so it's meant I haven't got on with any of the things I had planned and I now have a ton of stuff to sort out on Monday.

Saturday, November 22, 2008

Curtain call

Phew! Show is done. The belle's did really well. If anyone saw Central TV news on Thursday the belle's dance teachers were on there - the ones in the silver top hats and tails. (The same hats that cover everything in glitter)I'd hoped for a nice collapse in a corner weekend but in my wisdom I agreed to go into work over the weekend to let the kitchen fitters in and out for the new kitchen I'm having installed into one of our projects. So now I have written info for the alarm and hundreds of unlabelled keys. Did I mention I'm not good with keys or locks? Oh, and the alarm system has a number code. If I don't blog for a few days assume the worst and come post bail for me!
I still need to write just over five K to meet my target for November but I had an epiphany the other day about why I wasn't happy with my first chapter. I need to move some stuff around I think but I have two wonderful friends from Romance Diva's who've kindly agreed to read it first to see if what I suspect is really the case. I'm a bit too close to it at the moment.
I'm also twitching now to get back into Crystal Clear. The next third of that story is forming in my head and I want to get rolling on it.
First up though, my neglected house really needs a good clean and sort out ready for Santa!

Thursday, November 20, 2008

On with the show

Boo had a nice birthday, I can't believe she'd 12 already. She loved her thick fluffy Snoopy dressing gown. I took her and her friends to see HSM3 - lets just say I needed wine when I got back!
Dress rehearsal went okay although I need to fix Shaggy's top hat with elastic and spray it with hairspray to stop us getting covered in silver glitter everytime anyone even breathes near it. First show tonight and parent teacher interviews this afternoon.
It looks ominously dark outside and I'm hoping it doesn't snow.

Monday, November 17, 2008

In the jungle

I'm a celeb got off to a great start last night. Joe somebody scared of the klaxon, Kilroy getting half drowned and the star of the show - George 'Mr Sulu' Takei. He was excellent! Loved it.
I managed to finish chapter 7 of my project yesterday - total is just over 24k. This week is looking mad though. Tomorrow I'm taking 12 eleven year olds to see High School Musical 3 and visiting my little niece as it's her 4th birthday. Wednesday is Boo's birthday and full dress rehearsal. Thursday I've a parent teacher conference with Boo and Shaggy's teachers and it's first night of the show. Friday it's the show, somehow I have to fit in the day job and I have books to write.
Oh well, to quote one of the wisest philosophers of our day - Dory from finding Nemo - 'just keep swimming, just keep swimming...'

Sunday, November 16, 2008

X Factor again again

So we waved goodbye to William Shatner's younger brother, the lovely Daniel. I didn't think he was the worst one on the show though.
Rachel was all over the shop - as usual.
Alexandra was terrific.
JLS needed to be given something a bit more up to date to sing - we have had other great groups other than the ***** Beatles. Queen, Simply Red, Hot Chocolate, Rolling Stones, Oasis, BeeGee's, Roxy Music, the list goes on - surely to heaven somebody could do something more imaginitive.
I have no clue about the song little Hedgehog did. I've never heard it before in my life - I even checked with the belles who are much more clued up than me and they'd never heard it before either.
Little Diana - the poor mans Duffy, did the frog chorus and looked sad although she had no problem squealing her head off when she went home in the week.
Ruth sang up a storm even though Brian Friedman did his best to silence her by wrapping her up in toilet roll like a demented version of the Andrex puppy while she belted out Angels.
Can't wait for next week but tonight it's I'm a Celeb. I love naff TV.
Now, on with the writing - 6k+ to go!

Saturday, November 15, 2008

Write on

Back in the groove today. Yesterday I felt exhausted all day for some reason. No idea why. I'm back writing again today though and feeling really hopeful about what I'm doing. Less than 8k to go to hit my 30k target for this month and that'll mean the first third of the book will be done. Everything is setting up nicely for the middle third of the story and I'm getting so involved with the lives of my characters I think about them all the time - which I hope is a good sign.
Looking forward to X Factor tonight. Will ickle Diana sing? Who knows. Will Daniel survive another week? Will Danni wear yet another frock that looks as if it started life as a pair of her granny's curtains? Oh, the suspense!
Then on Sunday it's I'm a celebrity get me out of here - any show that will make Esther Rantzen eat bugs has got to be worth watching in my book.

Thursday, November 13, 2008


I got home from work yesterday to find Boo had a broken buckle on her school shoes. The entire buckle had failed and the metal had snapped. Thankfully Merry Hill is on it's Christmas opening hours so after I'd collected Shaggy from her Wednesday evening job I whizzed down to Clarks.
It's so nice to actually get good customer service! The girl took one look at the shoe and said it was a component failure and immediately offered a full refund or a new pair of shoes. Luckily they had a pair in Boo's size so she was soon sorted. Well done Clarks for doing the right thing - we were in and out in ten minutes. Totally unlike the school jumper episode in September.
The day job has quietened down for a spell so I'm making the most of taking a little of my time back and catching up with the things we'd intended to do before we got swamped. I so love my new job and the people I'm working with I keep getting carried away and working too many hours so I have to watch myself.
Thanks to the shoe episode and all the running around yesterday I didn't do any writing so I need to get going again if I'm going to crack my target by the end of the month. I did find time to read Liz Fielding's new book - Wedded in a Whirlwind. This is a fabulous story, I highly recommend it! Whenever I read one of Liz's books or one of Jessica Hart's I get struck down with writers envy.

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Something in the air?

Gosh, all over the net yesterday people were falling out. It seemed every group or forum I visited someone was getting their knickers in a knot about something. Thank Heaven for the Sylvanian forum where everybody is calm and peaceful.
Now, I don't know if it's coincidence but most of the groups and forums that were having the spats aren't loading up today.
I see from the paper that people are even arguing about Laura getting booted from X Factor - Get Over It! Roll on I'm a celebrity get me out of here lol
Writing target today is to hit over 21k and with luck finish chapter six. That would be great. I write less on my work days as I'm exhausted usually when I get home, plus I have to do a lot of reading and writing in the day job.

Monday, November 10, 2008


Today was a nice day, I had a lovely time having lunch with Phillipa Ashley and Elizabeth Hanbury. No one ever really understands writing like other writers. Progress on the project is good and I'm hoping to break 20k today - yay! I don't know if this story will ever fly but some books you write because you have to and for me this is one of those stories. It's complex and intense and totally unlike anything else I've ever done so I hope I can pull it off.
Once I've got a good chunk of it under my belt I plan to return to Crystal Clear and finish that ready for my deadline. I enjoy having two different stories on the go - must be my grasshopper brain!

Sunday, November 09, 2008

Wet, wet, wet

And I don't mean the group. Everywhere around here is flooding. The drains are clogged with the falling leaves and the rain has been so torrential there are hugs pools forming across the lanes. I guess it's better to have it falling as rain rather than snow but I wish it would stop falling at all - at least for a few days.
We lost our lovely little black Molly fish the other day and Angie, my lovely but dim, angel fish ate one of the neons. We've bought some more rosy gourami to make up for the loss and another pretty lady dalmation molly for Mr Molly to add to his hareem.
Angie and Brad - the angel fish have been bribed with blood worms to try to stop them snacking on the three remaining neons while if the clown loach get any fatter they'll get stuck in the windows of their pineapple house.
If the rain keeps falling I shall grow gills and a fin myself.

Saturday, November 08, 2008

X Factor again

Tonight is apparantly Mariah Carey night. Hmm, I can only think of two songs she's done. I can't say I'm a fan although I like her Christmas one. It's be a challenge for Daniel, Little Hedgehog and JLS to sing one of her tracks although the Sun, that fount of all knowledge and reliable facts, says 'little' Diana has lost her voice. I won't be mean and say what I thought when I read the news. Instead I'll wish all the contestants good luck.
I'm up to 18K on my project now, just finished chapter five. I'd love to hit 30k by the end of November - I know I said December before but I really need to push this on before I go back to Crystal Clear. I've had a real boost this week and some lovely messages from readers of Blue Remembered Heels.
A reminder that if you want copies, either electronic or print of my Moonlit and By Grace books grab them now! Once December 31st arrives they'll be gone.

Thursday, November 06, 2008


It's grey and drizzly here today. I didn't hear or see many fireworks last night, I suspect the credit crunch has taken it's toll. I was always amazed when I worked at Asda selling fireworks what people were prepared to spend. The huge expensive £50 and £25 a throw jobs would go like hot cakes. I always felt so mean taking home my £14.99 selection box and extra pack of rockets.
Last night was also my local writers group meeting - as always it was great fun and I now know about Japanese Haiku poetry even if my dyscalculia means I get a severe headache if I try to write it.
The dance show is drawing nearer along with the rehearsal schedule and Miss Boo's bithday. Her actual birthday is the day of the dress rehearsal so I think I'll try and sort something out for a few days later for her birthday. She'd like a cinema trip followed by Pizza, I'm hoping the cinema's don't do their usual trick and pull all the child friendly films around her birthday ready for the Christmas ones to kick off a week later. Better go do my research - High School Musical 3 anyone?

Tuesday, November 04, 2008


I had a really good day yesterday. The kids were at school, Mr Nell was at work and the house was nice and peaceful. I've twelve chapters done now on Crystal Clear and almost five chapters done on my other project. Not bad at all but I really want to get a push on over the next two months especially on my project book. It'd be nice to start the new year with a third of it done but with all the madness around here of school stuff, dance shows, and the extra things at the day job I'm not sure if I can manage it. It does give me something to aim for though and that's always a good thing.
I'm planning a revamp of my website and I need to update all my links both there and here so if I don't have you email me the info and I'll put you on.

Sunday, November 02, 2008

X Factor

Come on, you knew I would be watching. I can't believe poor Austin got kicked off last night. Rachel may have raw talent but every week so far she has been rubbish. I also think little Hedgehog, the sixteen year old shouldn't be there. Daniel, who seems like a nice man but who looks like William Shatners younger brother, is okay but he's never going to sell out Wembley. JLS are good and I absolutely love Ruth, great voice, good personality and gutsy. Laura just shouts on every song she's given. Love Alexandra, good voice and versatile. Diana Vickers is just annoying - I can't take to her at all, we get this little Diana story - she wore shoes this week. The reason she doesn't normally wear shoes is because she's not exactly little. The nude Sooty act with her hand by her face is very annoying and why can't she move around? All the others have choreography as well as a song to think about.
I don't know who I want to win just yet - at the moment I'd say Ruth.
What do you think? Who are you backing this year?