Tuesday, October 19, 2021

Guest Blogger- Emmy Ellis

A warm welcome to Emmy Ellis who is here to tell us of her upcoming release:The Lion Cartel (The Barrington Patch book 6) Emmy Ellis writes detectives, gangland, and anything crime. She runs her own editing and cover art business and writes at weekends and any spare time she has. A mother to five, a grandmother to three, she lives with her husband and cat in Nottinghamshire, UK, basing her stories in that area and London. You can find her on Facebook Author Page Here are the details of her next release in this fabulous series! The Lion Cartel has descended on the Barrington, plotting behind Cassie’s back. A resident wearing a lion’s head signet ring is involved with them, but she can’t find him for love nor money. She only has one day to sort this new mess out, and the ticking clock is counting down too fast for her liking. Not only does she have to discover what they’re up to, she has other issues to deal with. It’s getting too much, being the leader, and she longs to run away and hide, but that’s not an option. With her thoughts about her mother pushed to the back of her mind, Cassie is on a mission to save not only her own life but those of other people. Some residents aren’t what they seem. They have two faces—one they present to the Barrington, another they present to the dark web. They’ve been involved in a disgusting racket for many years, which ties in to a terrible tragedy from years ago. Cassie is oblivious, but members of the illegal group fear the net is closing in… A cartel, an underground society, and someone running around with guns. Ten p.m. is Cassie’s deadline. Will she find everyone in time? Or will more blood be shed on her patch? You can preorder your copy HERE

Monday, October 18, 2021

Murder at the Wedding is out!

Murder at the Wedding is out! Thank you to everyone who has bought a copy, left a review, messaged me and generally been all round fabulous. Murder in First-Class is also up for preorder!HERE Now on to planning the next Miss Underhay mystery!